Women of Vienna

Women of Vienna is an English-speaking resource and community for international and local women living, working, learning, and loving in Vienna, Austria and the surrounding areas. Since its creation in January 2015, WoV  has become the leading most supportive and positive community for over 8,000 women.

The community is run and managed by a group of volunteers. Meet the wonderful women, who keep the machine of Women of Vienna well oiled. Click here to view details. 

Women of Vienna

Our members said…

“I am so thankful to be a part of a community of strong, creative, intelligent, driven women who are so supportive of each other. It blows my mind how beautifully a group of strangers can come together and help each other grow and come out the other side as friends for life. It’s poetic really.”

Betsy, Women of Vienna Co-Founder


“Women of Vienna has been a game changer for me when it comes to my overall happiness in Vienna. It has provided me with a sense of community that I previously felt was lacking, afforded me the opportunity to make some really kicka** new friends and it offers endless amounts of opportunities to be inspired by the diverse bunch of women in the group.”

Cristina, Women of Vienna Member since 2015


“What I love most about WoV is that it is a community. Women from all different places and backgrounds coming together to help, support, inspire and lift each other up! It’s been an amazing place for me and has made me feel so welcome in my new home.”

Emily, Women of Vienna Member since 2016

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